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Blog #10: I can't believe you've never...

September 2014

Almost all of us are guilty of taking for granted what is around us - whether it’s because we pass it every day, we’ve always lived around it, or it’s just never crossed our minds. Over the next few months we’d like to bring you, what we see as, some of Hampshire’s best historic and tourist attractions that you may never have visited or even heard of! 
The first one that we think deserves a slice of your time is Southampton’s Titanic Trail. If you live anywhere near Southampton, you’ve probably been desensitised to Titanic related history by now. But this tour goes beyond the museum and dockside, and visits some of the most fascinating memorials and points of interest nestled around the city of Southampton that really are worth a visit! 
One part of the trail you should definitely keep an eye out for is the Engineer Officers’ Memorial which can be found in East Park near Above Bar Street. As you can probably guess from it’s name, this memorial was erected to commemorate the engineer officers who unfortunately all died aboard the Titanic. The memorial is a seven foot high angel statue made out of Aberdeen Granite - a really moving and eye-catching piece of art! 
The walk kicks off at the civic centre and takes around an hour and 15 minutes. It’s not a quick stroll round the block, but don’t worry there are plenty of pit stops along the way!

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